QC / Micro

Cylinderical Autoclave

• Size / Volume from our wide range
• Type of automation required
• To save water and electricity
• To save your time and money
• To have in-house expertise for tech support.
• To have your autoclave validated from our team of engineers.
Autoclaves are available in different volumes and sizes
1. Standard ( Manually Operated )
2. Semi Automatic
3. Fully Automatic

Model Working Chamber sizes
#0421 Q30X50cm
#0431 Q35X55cm
#0441 Q40X60cm
#0440 Q45X60cm
#0451 Q51X76cm

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SLD Autoclave

- Sole Locking Device [ SLD ] very easy to open and close for smart staff.( Especially lady microbiologist)
- Low water level cut off — A water level monitoring system maintains constant water level and ensures safe operation of the heaters.
- Self- regulating safety for over temperature
- Easy-going drain from the chamber
- Automatic purging and exhaust for SLD models
- Safe to handle external body eliminating heat burns
- Lid Lock Safety — A safety device prevents the operator from opening the door when the chamber is pressurized.
- Safety Valves — A chamber is equipped with safety valves — if, the pressure exceeds the allowed safety limits the safety valves will discharge.

Model Working Chamber sizes
#0421 - SLD Q30X50cm
#0431 - SLD Q35X55cm
#0441 - SLD Q40X60cm
#0440 - SLD Q45X60cm
#0451 - SLD Q51X76cm

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BOD Incubators Biochemical

- Designed specially biological oxygen demand determination and other application like general incubation, serum studies and enzyme assays tests.
- Castor wheel mounted is double walled.Inner Chamber made of SS 316 with mirror /Mat   outer finishing chamber is made of M.S Powder coated
- Temperature range: 5° C to 60° C
- Accuracy: +/- 0.5° C
- Full length glass/acrylic door permits inspection of specimen without disturbing temp. temp controlled by microprocessor controller cum indicator.
- The unit is fitted with door operated illumination lamp inside the chamber. Equipped with hermitically sealed compressor CFC free.
- Air circulation fan for maintaining temp uniformity throughout the chamber.
- Flush fitting insulated double walled door has magnetic gasket.
- The chamber is provided with modular removable shelves made of SS for complete flexibility in use.
- Inner chamber is fitted with refrigeration evaporator, heater and air circulator for creating positive air flow through outer inner chamber for temp uniformity. To work at 230V AC only, PUF insulation

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Glassware Drying Oven

Triple walled in construction with Inner made of Stainless Steel – 304 Grade &
• Exterior of CRCA steel with powder coat finish.
• Interior made of Stainless Steel – 316 grade and Exterior of Stainless Steel - 304 grade matt finishes in all GMP MODELS.
• Food grade Silicon Rubber gasket which acts as a perfect sealant.
• Temperature controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor based PID Temperature • Controller & PT – 100 sensor.
• Heating elements are made of high grade Nichrome wire and provided on the side walls of the chamber.
• Air circulation by motorized blower placed on top of the oven.
• Available with removable SS Rod shelves.
• Temperature Range: 5°C above ambient to 250°C.
• Temperature Accuracy: ± 1°C or better.
• Safety: Capillary type Thermostat provided to take care of temperature overshoots & ;in case the PID Controlling system fails.
• Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz.

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Biosafety Cabinets

Biosafety Cabinets For Laboratory
        - Airflow Working: Recirculation – 70% Exhaust-30%
        - Safe: HEPA Filtration for 99.99% typical efficiency
        - Easy to Use: Auto manual switch facility
        - Comfortable: Ergonomic 10 degree sloped front

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Laminar Air Flow

Laminar Flow Bench .:Non GMP
- Unit Designed to provide a Laminar Flow work space comprising as standard features Hepa Filter having efficiency of 99.997% Down to 0.3% Microns
- Pre-Filter 90% Down to 5 Microns, suitable motor blowing assembles, working table top, side Acrylic Glass Panel & Fluorescent Tube Light & Pressure Differential Manometer.
- Laminar Flow are as per us standard 209 B class 100 & Japanese standard JIS B 9920 & 9921.
- Hepa Filters are factory tested with D.O.P. and other relevant test and are guaranteed for the period of 12 months against any manufacturing defects.
- Available in wooden thick door board duly sunmica clad, Work table: stainless steel .
- Size of the Filter : 2’ x 2’ x 2’' Hepa Filter (with unit)
- 1 Pre-Filter (With unit) : 1 Illumination : 1 x 20 Watt Horizontal (HL)
- Service available as per your request.
- Part available in Stock.

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Shaking Water Bath

• Bath designed for studies on Tissue metabolism, Enzymes and Protein coagulation & experiments requiring Shaking of subject matter at constant speed under controlled temperature environment.
• Double walled construction, Argon welded Leak proof Inner tank made of Stainless steel -304 Grade & Exterior made of CRCA Steel– Powder coat finished.
• Inner tank made of Stainless Steel - 316 grade and Exterior of Stainless Steel – 304 grade in GMP MODEL.
• High density glass wool insulation to prevent heat loss & ensure constant temperature.
• Hinged Pyramid shape lid provided avoids Evaporation of water and makes condensed water to fall back in the bath.
• Shaking tray consist of Lotus clamps to hold Erlenmeyer flasks.
• Shaking mechanism comprises of Variable speed PMDC geared motor fixed on right side & coupled to the shaking tray which shakes linearly.
• Shaking Stroke : 25 mm.
• Shaking speed can be controlled by means of Electronic Speed Controller cum Digital RPM Indicator between 50 RPM to 150 RPM.
• Temperature controlled by Dual Display Microprocessor based PID Temperature controller & PT – 100 Sensor.
• Temperature Range :- 5o C above ambient to 95o C .
• Temperature Accuracy :+ 1 o C or better.
• Operates on 230 Volts AC Single phase 50 Hz.

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Round Water Bath

• Double Walled construction with efficient insulation system. Bath chamber of stainless steel
• Outer body and control panel of MS duly finished in heat cured epoxy coating
• Stainless Steel immersion heater - peripheral shape to eliminate direct
contact with flask - even if flask touched the bottom.
• Digital controller based temperature controller. An absolute over-temperature alarm - audio - with auto cut off. Thus ensures total safety.
• Temp Range : Ambient +10 to 250°C.
• Digital upto 250°C
• Accuracy: ±2°C Or Better

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Model Liters
Ø 165 x 90 mm 1 lit
Ø 230 x 130 mm 3 lit
Ø 260 x 150 mm 5 lit

Humidity Oven

• Creating Ideal Conditions For Industrial Component / Product Research And Bio Technical Specification Test.
• Most Accurate And Reliable Chamber For Long Term High Temperature And Rh Testing.
• Temp. Range 10°c To 60°c With An Accuracy ± l'c. Relative Humidity Range 35% Rh To 85% Rh With An Accuracy ± 3% Rh.
• A Positive Vertical Air Circulation Ensures Temperature And Rh Uniformity.
• Digitally Set, Temperature And Humidity Controller With Direct Digital Read Out In Temperature And Percentage Rh.
• Low Pressure Boiler To Generate Steam For Chamber Humidification.
• Well Balanced Refrigeration System CFC Free.
• Double Walled Construction Inner Chamber S.s.and Outside Of Mild Steel Beautifully Powder Coated.
• The Chamber Is Provided With Modular Removable Shelves Made Of S. S.for Complete Flexibility In Use.
• A Key Lockable Insulated Door Having Positive Door Gasket Seals Doors Perfectly.
• Control Panel Mounted On The Top Of The Unit.
• It Work On 230 Volts A. C.only.

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Water Distiller

Water Distiller
- Unattended operation - shuts itself off after completion of distillation
- Does not require continuous water supply
- Supplied with 4 lit Food Grade Distillate collection container.
- Requires table top space of just 1.2 sq.ft
- Clear bottom in boiling chamber - long life external heater enabling easy cleaning and no heater scalingProblem.

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Anaerobic Jar - Polycarbonate

Anaerobic Jar is transparent, unbreakable, polycarbonate jar of 3.5 lit. Capacity
Detector : Two way pressure gauge switch system
Range : -3 Psi (-1 kg/cm2) to 30 psi (2 kg/cm2)
Accuracy :+/- 1 psi (0.5 kg/cm2)
Weight of jar : 2 Kg +/- 50 gm
Capacity : 3.5 lit.

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Incubator Shaker

• Heavy M.S construction with powder coating see through acrylic door.
• Temp.range ambient +5 to 60 deg.c accuracy +/- 0.5 deg.c 16 nos. 250 ml
• Flask capacity removable type clamp. Spped control 50 –200 rpm with heavy shaker motor for longer operation illumination inside the chamber .
• Temperature indicator cum controller digital display fan for uniformed air circulation inside the chamber. Digital rpm display cum electronically controlled speed .construction of body such as to remove easily glass flask. Inner complete s.s safety features for electronic circuits & motor etc.

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SS Product - Test Tube Cap

• ULS Make SS Plain Test Tube Cap-Electro polished -diameter of 40 mm and weight of 40 gm without polish.

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R & D - Centrifuge

• LCD display with ability to change between RPM and RCF
• Separate short spin button for convenient and quick spins
• Automatic release the lid when operation has stopped to save processing time
• Operation can be timed from 10 seconds to 99 minutes with bill signal after finish operation.
• Safety-lid lock prevent opening the centrifuge lid until he rotor has stopped spinning

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R & D - Benchtop ph Meters

Measuring the pH of buffers, liquid reagents, and chemicals formulated in research labs is accomplished with reliable benchtop pH meters that deliver consistent and accurate readings. Comprehensible benchtop pH meters are available in different price ranges.

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R & D - Ultrasonic Cleaner

We are pleased to introduce our selves as a leading manufacturing company, specialized in Ultrasonic Equipment like ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic sonicator bath, Compact chiller sonicator bath, External chilled water circulator & accessories. Maintain by a Quality management system and hard working staff. Our product have a wide variety of application's, taking into consideration the growing importance of cleaning ( efficient ultrasonic technologies) nevertheless we have kept flexibility and capability to resolve customers need of cleanliness. Vibrating frequency above 18Khz (18,000 cycles/per sec) is called Ultrasound. As a result of these vibration's a large amount of tiny vacuum bubbles are formed in the liquid (they are in million's).They implode during high pressure and create highly effective pressure wave.

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R & D - Dry bath incubator

Minibox is microprocessor –controlled product. It is widely used in preservation and reaction of samples, DNA amplification and initial denaturation of electrophoresis and so forth. It fit almost anywhere and can even be used in cars, boats or wherever a 24 volt power source is available.
• Energy-efficient design.
• Applicable to 24V power adapter.
• Accurate to +/- 0.3 deg C
• Process of experiment is visible.
• Electronic calibration. User can reset to any local standard.
• Power supply provided is UL, CSA and CE approved.
• Custom blocks made to fit any sample holder.

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Chemical R & D - Rotary Vaccum Evaporator

Rotary evaporators are distillation units that incorporate an efficient condenser with a rotary flask system. As the flask containing the solvent is rotated it continually transfers a thin layer of liquid over the entire inner surface. This gives a very large surface area for evaporation that is effected by heating from the accessory water or oil bath.

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Chemical R & D - Vaccum Oven

Vaccum Oven
The latest vacuum drying oven integrates many-year successful experiments of our company in oven heating. With constant concentrative studies, this product has broken through the traditional technology and resolves the bottleneck in the heat conduction in a creative way having found a prefect method of heat conduction.
1.Cuboid chamber maximizes the effective cubage. Microprocessor controller for temperature ensures a precise and reliable control.
2.Dual-layer bulletproof toughened glass door ensure absolutely clear observe on objects in chamber.
3.Shutting extent of oven door is adjustable. Closed-cell silicon gasket ensures a high vacuum degree in oven.
4.The chamber is made of stainless steel (or wire-drawing sheet) which allows a durable service and cleaning easily.
5.Store, heating, testing and drying are all in an environment without oxygen or filled with inert gases, which ensures no oxidation.
6.Minimum heating time is over 50% less than that of traditional vacuum drying oven.

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Dynamic Passbox

Supply of 18 G S.S.304 construction Dynamic Passbox Matt finish buffed with following

· "Freudenberg /AAF/Flurox" make Miniple at Hepa filters (Eu-13)in anodized Aluminium construction having an effi.99.97% down to 0.3 micron.
· S.S.304 perforated sheet for prefilters.
· Puf filled double skin Double Doors on both sides.
· Both side flushed clear toughened
· Glass/polycarbonate sheet 4 mm thick in doors.
· Internal horizontal coving on top corner.
· Bottom Side S.S.304 Angle stiffner frame for grouting and 18 G S.S.304 Sheet at bottom.
· Front side S.S.304 flange for flashing to wall on clean room side.
· Top side collar for Supply air connection from your existing HVAC System. Electromagnetic door interlocking System for doors.

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Static Pass Box

Static Pass Box (S.S.304 & 1.00mm. Thk.)
Inner Dimensions:-450 (w) x 450(d) x 450(h)_2Way
Outer Dimensions:-570(w) x 525(d) x 650(h)mm.
(With 5mm Thk. Toughen Glass, Electro
magnetic Interlocking, LED Light, U.V. Light,
Digital Control Panel with Inbuilt Hour Meter etc.)

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LAB-Fume Hood

Product Details:
Material - GI,SS.MSCRCA
Brand - ULS
Size - 4,5,6,7 & COUSTOMIZE
Air Velocity- 0.3~0.8 m/S
Height - 850 mm

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Bench top Laboratory-Fume Hood

Product Details:
Material - SS/GI/MS CRCA
Brand - ULS
Materials - Steel, Chemical Resistant Laminate
Dimension - 1200/1500/1800*800*2350 mm
Air Volume - 1750 m 3/h (1500*800*2400 mm)

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